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Terms & Conditions


Swiss Serene Limited Swiss Serene Limited acts as intermediary between transportation companies, hotels and any other providers or individuals and the clients. However, Swiss Serene Limited cannot be held liable for delays, accidents, losses, damages, injuries or other incidents. Liability is limited to the price per person for the service provided by Swiss Serene Limited. Transportation: Passengers are covered exclusively by mandatory third party insurance, according the norms of the European Community.


Each traveler is responsible for carrying a valid passport and possessing any required visa(s). The organizer is exempt from any liability should the traveler be deported or refused entry for not meeting entry requirements or passport irregularities. The traveler will be responsible for any of the costs as a result of this, according to our established cancellation policies and voluntary withdrawal from our services.


At the time of rental, the driver must present a valid national driver‘s license that has been held for at least 1 year. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is highly recommended for non-European Union renters. Further a photo ID (passport etc.) along with a valid credit card are required.


After receiving payment in full on reservations made by individual clients (city packages, train travel, etc.) we provide the vouchers by e-mail/Courier/Meet & Greet. Our clients are required to present these vouchers at hotels or to tour guides or service provider. If issuing their own vouchers, these must clearly state: “Reservation and payment through Swiss Serene Limited”.


All hotels on our tours have been carefully selected. Most hotels are located in the center of the city and breakfast is always included. Most hotel rooms in Europe don’t offer air-conditioning and Internet has to be paid separately. Hotels usually offer non-smoking single and double rooms; triple and twin rooms are not standard. However, upon request an additional/separate bed may be provided. Check-in time is usually at 3 pm. and Check-out at noon. All hotels selected for the programs are subject to change. If a change becomes necessary for any reason, clients will be accommodated in hotels that are equivalent in service and price category as those listed.


Transportation on our tours is conducted by rail, car, minivan or tour bus, depending on the number of passengers. If the number of participants confirmed on a tour is small, Swiss Serene Limited reserves the right to conduct transportation in a passenger vehicle or minivan driven by the guide, in order to comply with our departure dates.


Each passenger is entitled to bring one medium-sized piece of luggage, with a maximum weight of 66 lbs, free of charge. Transportation of excess luggage is subject to space availability. If the excess luggage exceeds the capacity of the vehicle, the traveler will be required to leave part of his luggage behind or pay for extra transportation (e.g. taxi). Luggage will be transported at the owner’s risk. The organization is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to the luggage during the trip. We recommend that travelers remain present at all times when their luggage is being handled. In case of air, river or sea transportation of luggage, the specific conditions of the transportation companies apply as set out in the passenger‘s ticket. In case of loss or damages, we recommend filing an immediate complaint with the company responsible for transportation. We would like to remind passengers that they are responsible for their belongings.

English speaking tour guide

Travelers will be accompanied by an English speaking tour guide during the entire travel program if not mentioned differently (or a driver-guide, for groups up to 7 participants). All our guides have extensive experience and are specially trained for each travel program.

Special conditions for children

In general (confirm prior to booking) children younger than 2 will pay 10% of the total fare and children between the ages of 2 and 12 will receive a 20% discount, if sharing accommodations with their parents or guardians. There is only one child permitted in a double room.

Lift Ticket Deposit

In most ski resorts, passengers will receive a card that contains all the data of the lift ticket. Ski resorts usually charge a e 5 deposit that will be refunded on the last day, when the card is returned. This deposit is not included in the price of the package.


All reserved services require payment in full prior to arrival date, according to the following conditions:
Guaranteed departures, hotels and city packages*100% payment 21 days prior to arrival
Private or customized tours or group travel*
30% payment upon confirmation
70% payment 21 days prior to arrival.
Private or customized tours in winter (incl. Experience Igloo)
30% payment upon confirmation
70% payment 32 days prior to arrival Trade Fairs
100% payment upon confirmation
Train tours*
30% payment upon confirmation
70% payment 4 weeks prior to arrival.
Tours incl. Glacier Express (winter)
20% payment upon confirmation
80% payment 41 days prior to arrival
Combination with Ski Packages
The payment terms of the reserved hotel apply to the reservation.
Ski Hotels
50% payment upon confirmation
50% payment 35 days prior to arrival
Payment terms of the reserved hotel apply to the reservation.
* Reservations during fairs, conferences and events require a full pre-payment.
The organizer reserves the right to refuse any passengers who fail to comply with these conditions.
Payments up to €1.000 should be made via credit card (Mastercard or VISA). Between €1.000 and €3.000 can be paid either by credit card or bank transfer. Amounts higher than €3.000 should be paid by bank transfer.
We charge an additional 1.5% fee over the total amount for any AMEX payments.

Changes in reservations

Any changes in reservations that have been previously confirmed (arrival or departure date, travel conditions, etc.) that occur before the beginning of the trip are subject to a e 50 fine. If a passenger wishes to alter the trip significantly during the trip, any changes will need to be confirmed and a e 70 fine applies. The passenger will also be responsible for any possible costs charged by service providers as a result of any cancellations or changes. The organizer reserves the right to change the route of any itinerary described in this catalogue, change the departure times or substitute any of the hotels listed for another one of a similar category.


The operator and its service providers assume no liability for any damages, death, loss or delay caused by any person associated with the tour or as a result of any event outside the tour operator‘s control; this includes (but is not limited to) the loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings caused by negligence, defect, strike, war, hostile acts or civic unrest. We recommend that travelers purchase adequate travel insurance. The tour operator reserves the right to suspend some or all tours; has the right to refuse any passengers on a tour or change the itinerary, whenever it deems convenient, to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the passengers.

Force Majeure/Act of God

If our service cannot be delivered because of an act of god, such as a war, strike, catastrophes, etc. or because of imminent danger, such as the rising or falling of water/sea levels, or the obstruction of a canal, the client has the right to withdraw from the contract without any costs, but is not entitled to any compensation.

Weather Conditions

If extraordinary weather conditions or force majeure (rain, snow, wind, flooding, avalanches, landslides, road or pass closures, etc.) prevent the passenger from reaching his destination, or has to remain longer in the ski resort beyond the reserved stay, the company is not liable for accommodation or any other additional expenses during the delay until travel can be resumed, as soon as (weather) conditions permit.

Transfers with regular transportation services

Regular transportation services have determined departure times that are not adjusted in case of flight delays, time changes, etc. Should a traveler miss a reserved bus, the reservation will no longer be valid. Regular transfer covers return transportation between airport and main bus station and v.v.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included in our tours. We recommend purchasing travel insurance in your home country, prior to your trip. Your travel agency will be able to provide information on travel insurance options.


Swiss Serene Limited assumes no liability and will not consider any complaints in case of a discrepancy between written and verbally provided information and/or prices. All prices are valid, except in case of typographic errors or calculation errors, and are subject to availability.


In case of non-compliance with any part of our program we request that you inform your guide or other representative, or contact us directly via the emergency number so that we can find a solution as quickly as possible. Please also provide a written statement of the non-compliance. Please allow the company a reasonable amount of time to respond to the client’s complaint. If this doesn’t occur, the burden of proof of any complaint rests with the client. Swiss Serene Limited is committed to responding to all letters or complaints received within 30 days of the end of the travel program. Swiss Serene Limited will not address any complaints received after this time period. All terms and conditions are subject to UK law. Governing Jurisdiction UK